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Ralph Gault
Inducted: 2008

Ralph Gault began playing organized softball in Cornwall in 1929 at the age of 13, and continued to play for another 28 years. He was a pitcher and infielder who played on many championship teams, such as Holy Name, H.S.P.M, and S.D.&G. Highlanders in leagues like the Old City League, Nativity League, and North-End League. He also played with the Canadian Army Team in England. Following his military service, Ralph played for, coached or managed the Howard Smith Paper Mill team in the North End League until his retirement from the sport in 1957.

Nineteen years later, Ralph returned to local ball diamonds as the president of the new John Denneny Fastball League. Started as a recreational league, it soon became well-known for its caliber and class, thanks largely to Ralph's time, effort and organization, both visibly and behind the scenes. Not only did he attend virtually all of his league's games, he also picked up the score sheets after the games and wrote up a story for the local newspaper.

In 1986, Ralph retired after 11 years at the helm of the Denneny League, but continued to be a familiar sight at ball games and tournaments. While Ralph is recognized most for his softball accomplishments, he was a prominent all-around sportsman throughout his life, excelling in track & field, hockey, tennis and bowling.

Ralph passed away in July, 2001.

Dalton Adams presenting to Thorin Gault on behalf of his grandfather Ralph Gault.

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