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Brooke Winkenweder
Basketball, Badminton, Track and Field,
Curling & Hockey

Brooke will be attending Rothwell Osnabruck School this fall for her final year of high school. Brooke has excelled in many sports at RO. In three years of badminton Brooke has been SD&G champion twice and silver medallist once as a member of the women's doubles team. Brooke's curling team were bronze medallist in 2012. In three years of track and field Brooke has reached EOSSA every year and in 2010 she advanced to the east regionals. Brooke also plays basketball and volleyball at RO. Brooke has been MVP on her team in three different sports as well as jr female athlete in 2010. Brooke is also a hockey player and has played numerous years in Cornwall. This past year she played for the Cornwall Midget AA Typhoons. The Typhoons were league silver medallists and won several tournaments throughout the year. Just recently Brooke played in the Beantown Classic hockey tournament in Boston Mass. It is a highly scouted summer tournament. Brooke is highly respected by her coaches and has taken time to help with a local youth volleyball club in Cornwall.

Kristie Fetterly-Tate presenting to Brooke Winkenweder.

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