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Emma Brunsveld
Track & Field, Volleyball

Emma Brunsveld excelled in broomball in Avonmore and Finch, earning a Most Improved award in 2004-05, MVP in 05-06, and the league's Best Forward Award in 06-07, when she was also voted MVP of the Finch tournament.

At Rothwell-Osnabruck High School, she also played basketball and volleyball, with the volleyball team qualifying for EOSSA in both 2006 and '07.

However, where she really shone was as a Track & Field athlete, where her multi-event prowess earned Emma both the school's 2006-07 Track & Field Midget MVP Award, as well as the top Track & Field athlete. Her success continued in 2007-08 when she earned the Junior Track & Field MVP Award. She qualified to compete at EOSSA all four years of high school, as well as qualifying for OFSSA.

David Alguire presenting to Emma Brunsveld.

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