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Erin Lee
Track & Field, Highland Dancing

Erin Lee began playing high school sports at Tagwi, where she received the school's Top Female Athlete Award in 2007 after qualifying for OFSAA in the 400m. Her career progressed rapidly in her senior years at CCVS, where she received the Top Female Award for SD&G track & field in Grade 11 after advancing to the OFSAA East Regionals. She also received CCVS' Top Female Award for track & field in both 2008 and 2009, as well as the school's Female Sportsmanship Award for 2009.

Erin has participated in a multitude of sports, both school and extra-curricular, and has achieved noteworthy success in a couple of others. She has been a member of the Monkland Karate Club, where she earned her black belt in 2005.

Finally, she has competed in Highland dancing since the age of 8, and has achieved Champion status - a level most Highland dancers will never attain in their lifetime. In June, Erin was the first runner-up in the Ontario Championships, qualifying her to represent Ontario at the Canadian Championships in Toronto. There, she placed 4th runner-up in all of Canada.

She followed that performance by finishing as 2nd runner-up at the North American Championships.

Erin has just returned from Dunoon, Scotland where she qualified for the world championship with 71 dancers in her group. Erin placed within the top fourteen in the world.



David Alguire presenting to Erin Lee.

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