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Floyd Edward Barkley
Inducted: 2006

Floyd Barkley was a respected teacher and principal at Mille Roches and Long Sault Public Schools for 36 years. Floyd's many positive contributions to the life of the communities of Mille Roches and later Long Sault, although decades ago still serve as outstanding examples of community service for present citizens of the Township of South Stormont.

The plaque located at the entrance to Long Sault Public School dedicated to Floyd by his former pupils and friends reads in part:

"His leadership, organizing ability, fighting spirit,and hard work contributed so much over so many years to our community."

He was truly a man who made a difference.

Although Floyd supported and organized many individual sports and recreational activities, his greatest achievement was the leadership role he played in the construction of arenas in the two communities. In 1935 he spearheaded efforts to raise funds for the Mille Roches Arena through the sale of shares to the public. The constuction of the arena was then completed in two months!

Years later, he provided leadership to the Mille Roches Chamber of Commerce as they negotiated with Ontario Hydro for the full arena replacement and improved facilities in the new community of Long Sault.

Floyd was also instrumental in the funding and construction of two ball diamonds and a tennis court in Mille Roches. He was an organizer and supporter of softball, hockey, skating and track and field. He was also responsible for establishing the Mille Roches Volunteer Fire Department and the Horticultural Society.

The Barkley Family always led by example as Floyd, wife Dora and six children participated in the various Community initiatives as a team. For many years Dora Barkley organized and ran the refreshment booth at the Mille Roches Arena.

Floyd Edward Barkley passed away in 1963.

Graham Barkley accepting on behalf his fatherFloyd E. Barkley from David Hill.

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