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Jesse McPhail

Jesse McPhail is a 16 year old student of Tagwi Secondary School who has been referred to as 'natural' athlete, excelling at any sport he was involved with. In basketball, he was named Tagwi's junior MVP and also played on the Upper Canada Ice team. He played school soccer and rugby, and was awarded the MVP trophy for junior rugby. In track and field at the SD&G meet, Jesse had a first place finish in the 400 metre, and a second place finish in the 100 metre to go along with a first in the high jump. He went on to represent his school at the regionals.

When high school football returned to Tagwi after a 27 year absence, Jesse was named team MVP in the first year, and was awarded the Steve Thompson Memorial Trophy. Along with his excellence in sports, Jesse has managed to maintain his grades at a high standard.

Dalton Adams presenting to Jesse McPhail.

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