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Jim Riddell

Athlete/Builder - Karate

Inducted - 2018

Jim Riddell started long-distance running in the 1970’s and has competed in two full marathons, numerous half-marathons, and a number of 10K races.

It was around the same time that Jim found a lifelong passion for the martial arts.  In 1974 training in Judo with Art Martel, the former Eastern Ontario Champion, Jim was graded as a brown belt until 1978 when the club folded.  Knee injuries would force his retirement from running in 1985 and he once again turned to the martial arts, now training with Karate Sensei Marcel Leroux.  By 1992 he had joined the World Kobudo Federation and had earned his Black Belt.  Along the way Jim has obtained Instructor certifications in both Pressure Point Control Tactics and Defensive Tactics training. In 2012 he was awarded his Godan, his 5th degree black belt in Karate.

Jim is a very respected trainer in the area, he’s obtained his National Coaching Certifications and in 1993 opened a recreational club in Ingleside, originally known as the Ingleside Karate Club.  It was a year later that he also started teaching in Prescott, that club grew in numbers very quickly and is still operated today by one of Jim’s former students.  In 2005 the Ingleside Karate Club was renamed the Seaway Karate Club and to this day Jim continues to teach classes to a variety of age groups across the region including Cornwall, Long Sault, and Ingleside.    

Jim Riddell.jpg

Jim accepting his award from committee member Kevin Amelotte

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