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Jocelin McPhail
Basketball & Karate

Jocelin will be returning to Rothwell Osnabruck for her final year of high school this year. Jocelin plays most high school sports but basketball is her best. Jocelin has competed in Jr girls EOSSA championships and she was a member of the SD&G all-star girls team in 2012. She also plays basketball as a member of the Upper Canada Ice program. In her spare time, Jocelin enjoys swimming and karate. Jocelin has her bronze medallion, bronze cross, emergency first aid responder, national life guard service, assistant water safety intructor and her water safety instructor certificates. As a member of the Seaway Karate Club, Jocelin has her Shodan 1st degree black belt and has been a sensei for four years. Next year, she plans to test for her 2nd degree black belt. She also judges at various competitions and participates in seminars. Jocelin also puts in many volunteer hours with her karate, and her high school.


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Kristie Fetterly-Tate presenting to Jocelin McPhail.

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