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Luke Roach
Basketball, Soccer & Powerlifting

Luke Roach will be completing his final year of high school this fall at Rothwell Osnabruck. He has won Most Valuable Player awards in basketball and soccer, and in his first three years at RO he has qualified for EOSSA in track and field in five different events. He has also won a Strongman competition and a mini-triathelon in his categories, and was a member of two Ontario provincial bowling championship teams, the 2009 provincial four step and the 2012 provincial triple zone champions.

Luke's upbringing has nurtured in him a love for physical activity, a really big heart, and above all else a dream to be the best at something. These qualities have given him tremendous mental and physical strength, and in 2011 he decided to use them to compete internationally and break Canadian records in the sport of drug and equipment free Powerlifting. At age 15 and in his first competition, he broke the Canadian national Bench Press and Deadlift records. He broke his own Bench Press record later that same year, and in 2012, he not only broke the national Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift records in his new age category, but at age 16 he achieved his lifelong dream of being the best by also breaking the Canadian Deadlift open record with a lift of 468.6 pounds, making him the strongest 165 pounder in Canada in any age division. This is his proudest athletic accomplishment and his family and friends now affectionately call him "the strongest kid in Canada!"

Kristie Fetterly-Tate presenting to Luke Roach.

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