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St. Andrews Saints

Soccer Team

Inducted - 2016

In 1977, Harry de Wit of St. Andrews West, whose passion for the game of soccer was instilled in his homeland of Holland, wanted to establish a senior men’s soccer club which would allow his teenage sons and their friends to continue playing the game after graduating from minor soccer leagues. The Saints achieved tremendous success, winning league championships in 10 of 11 years starting in 1982 including a number of tournament titles against teams from Kingston, Montreal, and Ottawa.  In both 1984 and 1990, the Saints embarked on goodwill exhibition tours of Holland, where they maintained a perfect 7-0 record playing against formidable clubs from various towns and villages in the area of Harry de Wit's former Dutch home. These trips were the highlights of their 16-year existence.

St. Andrews Saints at the 2016 South Stormont

Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

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