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Walter Moss
Coach, Volunteer
Inducted: 2006

Walter Moss was actively involved in minor hockey and lacrosse in the former Cornwall Township area from the 1950's to the end of the 1960's. During this time, his love of the sport of hockey and commitment to the guidance and education of the area's youth became the driving forces for his full-time involvement as both a coach and general manager of many hockey teams which existed at that time.

During his tenure, Walter was instrumental in starting one of the first minor "travelling teams" in the Cornwall Township area. In doing so, he brought together some of the best players from the villages of Long Sault, Ingleside, St. Andrews, Osnabruck Centre, and many farms and small communities in between. For his efforts, many young hockey players experienced the time of their lives travelling around southeastern Ontario and Quebec in Walter's rusty old Volkswagen van, playing the sport they loved against many formidable opponents, including the likes of former NHL greats Guy Lafleur and Larry Robinson.

Through his efforts with minor hockey, Walter was instrumental in bringing many families together from the various surrounding communities, creating bonds of friendship which have lasted for many, many years. Virtually every player who came under his tutelage remembers it as the experience of a lifetime, and remembers Walter with fondness -quite a legacy.

Walter was born in Cornwall, ON in 1908, where he graduated from CCVS. During the Second World War, he served as a commissioned officer with the Royal Air Force under bomber command.

Sam Moss accepting on behalf of his fatherWalter Moss from Noel Windle.

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